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Collectables (易手寶) mission is to provide a convenient market place for exchanging and recycling of cultural collections. You will be pleased to know that your unwanted books, CDs, records and DVDs are of great value to other readers and collectors

Collectables has been serving the voracious readers and music lovers of Hong Kong since 1992. It was one of the forerunners in the second hand CD and record shop market in the Hong Kong. We started in mid-levels and has moved and expanded. Our home is now in Central. We pride to be the unique supplier of a wide collection of used books, CDs, records, DVD and musical instruments

Our collection of books focuses on literature, music, history and humanities. We have plenty of choices in quality fictions, too. We also have in stock brand new books and browse copies from the publishers and sell them at big bargain prices. Hundreds of items are sold from $10 to $20.

Our CD section offers various genres of music including classical, jazz, blues, world music, pop/rock, gospel, movie soundtrack and canto-pop. The prices range from$ 28 to $48. Hundreds of CDs are in big sale, from $10 to $20.

We offer the largest vinyl collection in town. No matter you are a classical lover, a jazz manic, a rocker or a pop fans, you may pend hours in looking for your favorite records here. We always give 20% discount for the records. If you buy over $1000, you can enjoy 30% discount.

The DVDs include great concerts and classic movies. The price ranges from $38 to $58.

If you've got books, CDs, records or DVD that you don't need anymore, you are welcomed to call us. We offer cash for them or you can trade them off.

If you've moving and our service is required, we can come to you and give you a reasonable offer for your items.

Address 地址:

Address 地址:
1/F, Hongkong City Hall, Central, Hongkong. (香港中環愛丁堡廣場5號香港大會堂低層一樓)

Opening Hours 營業時間:
12:00 - 21:00 (Mon-Sun)

Telephone No. 電話號碼:

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